Wellness Paths

While we will always welcome  à la carte services,

our mission is to be a true wellness advocate on your journey.

Creating and following a Wellness Path specific to your needs is the

best way to attain this goal. You can begin by exploring the Paths listed below.

Body Balance

The body in balance is a thing of true beauty made by an intelligent creator and just like great architecture, if not properly maintained it can come crumbling down. In this world where the odds are stacked against us and our health we are here to offer the tools you need to regain your sovereignty.


This Path is all about bringing your physical body back into balance. We combine the use of proven weight loss protocols with Yoga Trapeze, herbal medicine, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy. The length of time which this path takes is determined by the goals of our clients and includes 4 phases.


Phase 1: While we work on reaching your weight loss goal you will be supported with once per week Acupuncture to help calibrate your endocrine reset and erase cravings. While your body is burning fat in a ketone state Cellulite Cupping Therapy and Massage will help alkalize your tissues and flush toxins released as fat is burned off.


Phase 2: As the weight begins to come off we start your 1 on 1 Yoga Trapeze sessions to begin retraining your body how to be in a state of balanced bliss.  While shifting to once per month 90 minute signature massages for restoration and once monthly Acupuncture to maintain nerve and endocrine balance.


Phase 3: To take your journey to even deeper layers we enter the unseen realm to explore blockages which may have been part of the process of gaining or keeping unwanted body weight and  usher in a restored state to the subtle energy body through sound therapy and energy tools.

Phase 4: As an integration of a restored and renewed self we continue to support you by offering next steps in your wellness journey.

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Wellness Coach

Trauma Recovery

Life can be pretty traumatic.

We define Trauma as anything: physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional;

which you were not prepared for.

We bring together all of our tools to help you recover your self from moments of trauma and rebuild. Through the use of Herbal Medicine, TCM, Spirit Journeying, Healing Touch, Aquatic Therapy and Yoga we have specific treatments geared towards recovering shards of your self lost in moments of life's traumas and to assist you in beginning to trust once again.

Phase 1: We will meet with you where you are, there is no need to disclose the issues you are working on, the healing can happen without having to relive your trauma. We begin this journey with healing sound. Creating a Chakra Recalibration for your Mind, Body & Spirit through use of sound bowls, tuning forks, and Reiki energy medicine. This will also give us a direction of which energy centers need immediate attention to be addressed during an emotional-somatic Acupuncture treatment and get you on the Herbal Medicine you need to reset your endocrine system and get your brain chemicals geared towards recovery.

Phase 2: Once your are in your second stage of healing we begin the deeper journey within through Arcane Asian Bare Foot Body Work such as

Shiatsu, Thai and Ashiatsu Massage Therapy. The broader surface area of the foot and the energetic "footprint" is a good first step to receiving healing touch and also focuses on aligning energy centers. We go further in the realm of touch by introducing Tsing Point Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. This modality will further you on the journey of touch while providing a soothing proxy while also  introducing hand work to the body.

Phase 3: As we near the gate of restoration we begin to explore 1 on 1 Yoga Trapeze to bring confidence and strength back into the body while employing Cranial Sacral Massage and Acupuncture  for full spinal attunement.

Phase 4: The most intimate and releasing treatment on your journey is Watsu Aquatic Therapy. This very special treatment involves trust and being floated through body temperature water as each tension is

released and energy points activated.


We believe wholeheartedly that pregnant women are the Harbingers of the Future. The choices made before, during, and after pregnancy are the choices that will form the generations we leave the Earth to. We want to help you find the highest vibration path for the assistance you need. 

Phase 1: We start by preparing the body for pregnancy. This can manifest in the form of Womb Healing, Acupuncture, Weight Loss, Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Tantric Couple's Counseling and Healing Touch.

Each service will be tailored with your intention of preparing

your inner temple to bring forth life.

Phase 2: Once your are with child we begin the Prenatal Pampering!

Enjoy Prenatal Massage from tenured therapists and mothers who know exactly what your body is going through. Here we introduce Watsu Aquatic Therapy for both parents and time is spent instructor each couple how to float each other to deepen their bond during this time of transition. We can also guide your Nutritional path so that you are adding and removing special items each week to best supply your growing child with the building blocks they need. This is also the time your Sacred Birth Doula will work with you to create a unique birth plan based on your needs and connect you with birthing resources in our community. At the right moment we offer Blessing Way, a Maternity Ceremony to celebrate your incoming child and invite their consciousness to bond with their new body. This is an Enlightened Event and can replace the role of a traditional baby shower to elevate your birth journey.

Phase 3: Birth with Bliss as your wellness team is there for you through the journey of childbirth. From Lactation Assistance to house cleaning to meals for your bodily recovery needs and for your family to enjoy while you recovery, we will be there for you. This 40 day Post-Pregnancy period includes several home visits that include massage for mother and instructions on infant massage as well as herbal support and spiritual guidance as you get to bond with your baby.

Phase 4: The final phase of the Prenatal Path is our commitment to bring you back to your Self as an individual, parent, and partner. This leg of the journey includes continued physical support but also a focus on spirit journeying and womb care to rejoin other women of our community in Shamanic Sisterhood.

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Rock Maze

Journey Within

If anything can be unanimously agreed on, it is that our world is shifting. What it means to be human is changing, and if you are feeling the gentle tug to discover your deeper purpose for being alive at this pivotal time we are not only here to support you, we welcome you with open arms.

Phase 1: The Journey of million paces starts with a first step.

We have observed this first step as being clearing the body of both physical and emotional pain. Once this aspect is removed through Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Yoga and Body Work the still quiet voice of the inner self is more easily heard.

Phase 2: As the stillness within you grows we introduce sound therapy, Reiki and spoken word to educate you about the subtle energy centers within and around our body. An 8 step treatment series of

targeted Chakra work culminates in an empowered and

enlightened framework for personal development.

Phase 3: With the totem pole of connected energy centers as your ladder we journey together both 1 on 1 and in group settings to convene with our Higher Self, Wisdom and Lineage Holders, and Creator.

Your soul purpose and path is found here and we will assist you in any way we can to help make that path a reality for you.

Phase 4: Seasonal opportunities for group ceremony and enlightened book clubs are open to you to continue your path as an enlightened and awakened individual and collective member.